The only accommodation that has heating is Tier 1 in the house or the castle… and even that is not 100% reliable! Therefore we highly encourage you to bring a sleeping bag.

The beds are very simple, just a mattress, pillow and a blanket (but better be self-reliant than freezing). You MUST bring your own sheets and pillowcase, otherwise there is an option to pay 4€ to rent them on site.

For hygienic reasons you are not allowed to use the bed, blanket and pillow without bed sheets for protection.

Bring everything you need to be comfy. There are plenty of toilets and showers that anyone can use, including campers.

Please bring your own toiletries.

Bring a towel if you plan on bathing. Please plan on bathing! ;)

Rooms will not be locked so if you feel more comfortable, leave your valuables locked in a vehicle.

If you are camping or coming with a van, you are responsible for all your camping gear. Remember, Leave No Trace also applies to your room and camping site, so please leave it clean and take your trash with you!